As of next Monday, November 23, all passengers from a country / risk zone in relation to COVID-19 who intend to enter Spain, must have a PCR for SARS-CoV-2 with a negative result, carried out in the seventies and two hours prior to arrival in Spain.

This fact responds to compliance with the provisions of Royal Decree-Law 23/2020, of June 23 and the Resolution of November 11, 2020, of the General Directorate of Public Health regarding the health controls to be carried out at the points entry from Spain by air or sea.

Upon arrival in Spain, when carrying out the documentary health control, passengers who, coming from a country or risk zone, do not adequately accredit the performance of a PCR with a result, must undergo the PCR established by the services external health.

Exceptionally, the non-performance of the PCR at origin may be admitted, regardless of the passenger's country of origin, to seafarers who arrive in Spain back from their campaign on board a ship or in transit to embark or disembark, having to justify their condition as a crew member and the impediments to carrying it out.

Likewise, those passengers who, after carrying out the temperature, visual or documentary controls, are determined to be suspected of having COVID-19, must undergo the PCR.

Given the entry into force of this new measure, EUCRISA can help its crew at any time and in any circumstance, whether they are ON-signers or OFF-signers, from the Barcelona airport itself.